What's The Issue

What's The Issue

Author: Tomas Yoko
Date: 2023-06-29

What a tumultuous month this has been.Donald Trump arrested and arrested and they will probably arrest him again, ifthey don't Bobby Kennedy his butt.

SleepyJoe was ousted when FOX News ordained him as a Wannabe Dictator for a few shortTV moments. Donald Trump must have doubled over in delight. You have to hand itto what seems to be America's most corrupt and least inept President. Talkabout election meddling. And as for the Hunter Biden worms crawling out of theproverbial can. Wow, what a mess for the CIA and FBI to cover up.

Headof the Wagner mercenary force, Yevgeny Prigozhin was really peeved with what hesaid was evidence of corruption that impacted on the supplies and ammunitionmeant for the Wagner fighters in Ukraine. Like a real life Rambo character,Prigozhin must have lost his cool with his commanding officers and feelingbetrayed and let down, he took the fight to them. Putin is very tight lippedabout the reason Prigozhin turned on his commanders, they were definitelymessing with the wrong guy.

Westernmedia is milking this like a veritable victory, the grandiose exaggerated boot,they couldn't have scripted it better.

TheSudan conflict continues to ruin the lives of people whose lives were alreadyalmost in total ruin. The hardships of Sudanese life, where is the AfricanUnion, why have they not clamped down on these two megalomaniacs fighting forpower. Or is there more than what the media says is going on?

The announcement of the South African government's plans to roll on withthe NHI plan is more than just ruffling feathers. "Despite our fears ofNational Health Insurance NHI being driven by fears of corruption and limitedstate capacity, the issue of equal access to healthcare for all cannot bedismissed by the fear of what the 16% may lose." Is the perspective of"Editorial" in the Maill & Guardian.

Corruptionin the healthcare sector is rampant. Brought to you by the same people whostill insist on giving out the jab, knowing full well that the adverse reactionsfar outweigh any possible benefits. This is a leap of faith that even the FaithHealers would caution you against.

Fivebillionaires paid with their lives when their tin can submarine imploded in onthem as they descended to the wreck of the Titanic. Already the deaths of threemillionaires, Jacob Astor, Isidor Straus and Benjamin Guggenheim, alldrowned in the original sinking of the titanic, these men were rumoured to havebeen intent on preventing the formation of the Federal Reserve, but that is justconspiracy theory. The fact that the US Navy heard the OceanGate vessel pop onthe Sunday is apparently not. So did they just let everybody go on a wild goosechase deep ocean search, with callous disregard for their emotive conscience?Not to mention the exorbitant expense that the search operation incurred.

In an absolute absurdity and totally brazenand embarrassingly precocious attempt at espionage, French President, LittleEmmanuel 'Micron' tried to weedle his way into the BRICS Summit. There is no Fin BRICS. Take your F back to France Emmanuel. The cheek! Viva BRICKS! Viva!