What's The Issue

What's The Issue

Author: Tomas Yoko
Date: 2023-03-27

All the banks are broke, not just those tech banks from silicon valley, the whole Fractional reserve banking system is a ponzi scheme - banks lending money that doesn?t exist, just numbers on a spread sheet. The Federal Reserve, which is neither federal nor does it have any reserves, uses the toned down term for Counterfeiting, which they call quantitate easing ? this is artificial money they say is based on Government stocks and bonds. You have to laugh when the picture clears and the smoke and mirror tricks of the banksters start disappearing. Central banks continue suppressing interest rates until they suddenly can?t anymore and then investors look shocked when they find out that their Deposit guarantees hardly exist at all.

Bank bailouts using the tax payers money are nothing short of theft, the collusion in those upper echelons of money and power are fast becoming transparent.

Arrest warrants issued for Trump and Putin are laughable. The ICC issuing an arrest warrant for Putin is irresponsible and pushes the world closer to a nuclear war. Who is going to issue arrest warrants for Tony Blair? And for George Bush? What about sleepy Joe? He should have been arrested last year already. The antics of the American Deep State are sticking out like spines on a sea urchin. These are the people who are still detaining Julian Assange, along with their allies in the Crown Prosecuting Authority, for printing the truth.

President Xi and Putin shaking hands must have set the cat amongst the pigeons in those corridors of power, they must have been running along those thick pile carpets screeching with joy about how much money they will get from the government to keep their proxy war going. Washington flatly refused to accept the 12 point a cease fire agreement proposed by China. Like I said, they will fight to the last Ukrainian. Despicable.

Then there?s the AUKUS deal, what a croc of proverbial sticky brown stuff. The purchase of nuclear powered submarines from America and the UK virtually enslaves the already lap dog nation of Australia in what can only be preparation for conflict with China, who is Australia?s main trading partner. Something funny is going on down under? They must be smoking really weird chemicals to embark on this deal for $368 Billion. Their Labour Minister called the deal ?the worst deal in all history? calling the pompous meeting in San Diego a ?kabuki show?, now I have no idea what that is so I will be Googling that asap.

Closer to home and it was a relief that the national shut down didn?t turn into the blood bath so many people expected. Reports of arrests in their hundreds might discourage future opportunists who try to use political protests as a cover for looting and self enrichment.

In Korea, again it is the Yanks stirring up Little Rocket Man, who is sending rocket after rocket into the sky while South Korea and the US play war games.

What would the world be like if we spent all that war money on people?s needs?