July July, Oh why?

July July, Oh why?

Author: Tomas Yoko
Date: 2021-08-27

Wow, where do I start? What a month July has been. Madness everywhere and its spreading faster than a warehouse fire. We know how fast those spread.

The unleashing of violent looting arsonist mobs was first attributed to Jacob, who incidentally was the head of MK Intelligence, then the credit was rumoured to be ‘ANC Big Wigs’, and then we heard of a few arrests of some very small fry. We the people were totally let down, sacrificed in the name of political power struggles like cheap disposable dirt. The value of our communities and society and economy, even our very lives, was reduced to less than dirt scooped off a floor, as government officials and elected leaders turned their backs on their people and watched their lives and livelihoods burn to the ground. The cover up is coming from all sides, will we ever know what evil force it was we faced as a nation? How shameful, what a stain on our nation. Who did this?

The French, Spanish and many Europeans are violently protesting the unethical and disgusting attempts by their governments to force Covid vaccinations on them. This is the most deplorable situation you can ever imagine. The French President, Emmanuel Micron, (I call him micron and not macron on purpose just in case you’re one of those spello types) recently showed his small mindedness (pun intended) when he started openly making policy that will force people to get the Covid vaccine. French Parliament just passed a bill forcing medical workers to get the jab and in response one French hospital went on an indefinite strike. Micron is not thinking straight. The “Green Pass” health pass system is also getting crazy, much like the Dompass we South Africans rejected. It’s amazing how the backlash of civic unrest pushing back against this tyranny has received almost no coverage from mainstream media. A estimated 160 000 people took to the streets to protest against this madness. Micron even stated that nurses who do not get the jab will not be allowed to come to work or get paid. Spain is in an uproar, not that anybody would tell you, however they too are against this medical fascism.

Whether you are a vaxcer or anti-vaxcer, the issue of forced vaccination crosses a line that we crossed before and it ended in more than just tears. One question I have for the likes of Micron and his ilk is, if the vaccinated are dying from the non vaccinated, why aren’t the non-vaccinated dying? It’s a mess. We need a solution. . . .

And then where there is energy, there is power, and of course oodles of money, and it is now clear that the Americans were only after the money as the US blackmail of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline failed dismally. Sleepy Joe and the US involvement in the Ukraine has seen Russia disengage from the EU and look East for customers for their energy. Not sure how Germany feels.

The Olympics are underway and medals are being handed out, we’ve won a few so far and I hope there’s more to come.