Whats The Issue?

Whats The Issue?

Date: 2020-09-25
Hey 2020 is crazy! Did you check, a bald Ethiopian guy misinterpreted a hair care advert and poof!!! Suddenly open terrorism is okay, even acceptable. A little old lady showed more gutsy balls than an entire cabinet.

The unashamed looting of state funds is rife, worse than a plague. It’s a global atrocity, a veritable bludgeoning of the poor. All the big banks with the trustworthy names are surely shamefaced and embarrassed by the recent revelations in what I like to call Bankgate. Trillions of dollars were laundered through international banks. The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) has received thousands of documents and oodles of information that points to senior bank officials knowing full well that the funds were used or to be used or were generated through criminal activity.

So the banksters are in on it all. Big name banks like HSBC, JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, even the Bank of New York, or is that too much sarcasm.

What a shame it is that our Chief of Police missed an opportunity to pour oil on the troubled waters of farm murders and white genocide in South Africa, using the podium rather to allegedly further incite violence. The DA’s Kohler Barnard said of the incident, “It seems to this Minister, that farmers’ lives just don’t matter, that farmworkers’ lives just don’t matter and that the lives of their families — their parents, spouses and children — just don’t matter,” a sad day in policing. And this the day after top cop Lieutenant-Colonel Charl Kinnear, of the Anti-Gang Unit (AGU) was been killed outside his home in the Western Cape. Besides his tireless work on bringing hard core criminals to book, there is also the matter of protection rackets extorting money from businesses in Cape Town, old style Mafia moves I tell you. The levels of lawlessness are at a peak, we have not seen them so high ever before. You can just guess why.

Children are being snatched from under our noses and in broad daylight. These are apocalyptic times I tell you, and the American elections are looming with everyone behaving like dinkum loonatics, batty as a cave full of bats. More nuts than a macadamia farm.

Peter Schiff reckons that the US is broke and that the Fed knows and is propping up their economy with asset bubbles, in the face of giant pressure from China. And then there are those that prefer Joe Biden over Donald. I mean really, look around at the quality of leadership the world is struggling with. As radically insane and unbelievable as Donald Trump is, Biden is ten times worse, and not only because of the company he keeps.

Julian Assange is being treated like a war criminal by war criminals and nobody is trashing the courts or burning stuff in the street, even though our civil liberties are about to be trampled beyond recognition if not completely removed.

All this and I haven’t even touched on the Covid thing.