The orange guy with the bad hair seems to be abusing the rest of the world

The orange guy with the bad hair seems to be abusing the rest of the world

Author: Tomas Yoko
Date: 2017-10-13
Wow, the deeper we dig the worse it gets. The rot must have set in so long ago, but what is even more flabbergastingly unbelievable is the complete apathy and lack of correction. It’s like the Titanic with a lookout that is shouting “Iceberg! Iceberg!” but the helmsman and the captain, the first Mate, Petty Officers and hell even the deck hands are all looking the other way and doing nothing about changing course and averting the imminent disaster.

Mmusi Maimane just revealed how the ANC Government is holding onto farm land that was supposed to be released to farmers, hectares of the stuff, and to date only a fraction of the land has been handed to the farmers, and before you get your knickers in a twist, these are Black farmers that have been waiting for their land for years. What I want to know is what is Mmusi doing about the farm massacres that our country is plagued with? Ooops embarrassing question that nobody wants to confront.

We the people can afford a little smile with the management consulting firm McKinsey promising to ‘pay back the money’ it earned through a dodgy deal with Gupta linked Trillion and our beloved SOE Eskom. It is a whopping great one Billion and thirty million Rand, which they were paid for six months of work, last year. There are some terms and conditions of course; they want our South African courts to declare that Eskom acted unlawfully when they entered into the agreement. Sorry but I don't think that there is much chance of that happening, so don't break out those pearly whites just yet.

Well there is that, however the orange guy with the bad hair seems to be abusing the rest of the world with his brand of vanity and insanity, not satisfied with the mess America is making in the middle east, he is actually thinking or acting towards undoing one of the only successful peace deal, the “Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action”, a deal with Iran that Obama clinched and Iran is complying with. This deal prevents Iran from developing a nuclear weapon for at least the next ten years. Not good enough for Mr. Spraytan.

A retired Russian General has said that North Korea needs another five years before it can develop a nuclear missile that will reach American cities, but that should not deter the war-mongering madman with thin waifey hair. If he would only stop the military manoeuvres on the border between North and South Korea we could all relax, and Rocket Man could go about smiling and waiving at his citizens.

Back home and I can’t help but celebrate quietly on the inside that the woman who caught three men raping her daughter and attacked them with a knife will not be prosecuted. Now normally I would not be happy with our National Prosecuting Authority failing to prosecute a case, Lord knows there are a whole lot of cases they should be prosecuting and are not, but their decision not to prosecute the “Warrior Woman” who came to the defence of her daughter and stabbed the rapists, one died of his wounds, is commendable in my view.

What do you think?